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January 9, 2024

Navy Selects Developer For 70-Acre Site Near Airport

SAN DIEGO (KPBS ) - The long, white and red warehouses spanning the Pacific Highway were built during World War II to manufacture bomber planes.

The buildings — and their plumbing and wiring — are more than 80 years old; it's time-consuming to cross on foot and sweltering in the summer.

Yet they’re currently housing the cybersecurity branch of the U.S. Navy — the Information Warfare Systems Command, or NAVWAR.

“They’re working some very high-tech operations out of this facility, and it’s basically a warehouse,” said Manchester Financial Group President Ted Eldridge. “A new building is good for our national security. Let’s put it that way.”

The roughly 5,000 employees handle all the Navy’s networking, hardware, satellites and sensors, said project manager Greg Geisen.

“We’re kind of the Best Buy cybergeeks,” he said.


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